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Waste disposal

Ethical over all

For those who cultivate and create an organic product, the starting point for every action is the relationship with nature and its respect.

The choice of materials used by Il Brolo to produce and sell wine keep in consideration the end of life of the product and therefore uses recyclable materials that can be reintroduced into the market to generate new products.

On this page you can find all the information on the end-of-life waste of our products according to Directive 94/62 / EC and Decision 97/129 / EC to allow our customers to differentiate correctly.


The glass used for our bottles can be of two different types:

  • White glass – GL70
  • Green glass – GL71

Disposal must be carried out in mixed multi-material or in the appropriate glass container according to the indications of your municipality.


Our bottles can be closed in different ways:

  • Capsule
    • Cap – Nomacorc # 4 LDPE
    • Capsule – Polylaminate in aluminum C / ALU90
  • Crown
    • Cap – Metal FE40

All the waste must be disposed of in the plastic (Capsule case), metal (“Crown” case) or multi-material bin, always checking the disposal instructions of your municipality


All the packaging of our wines (boxes, gift packs or 1 or 3 bottle carriers) are produced with paper or cardboard with codes PAP20 and PAP21.

This type of material must be disposed of in the paper / cardboard bin, always checking the disposal instructions of your municipality.