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Our PIWI with Aphrodisiac Flavors!


“I Cavalieri della Seta”,
Our Sauvingnon Krètos!

“A bouquet of flowers with aphrodisiac flavors”

We are very proud to show you our Sauvignon Kretos, a wine from resistant grapes.

We landed on this innovative journey in 2018, because we are eager to pursue innovation and support our tradition in the wine world.

Our Piwi, I Cavalieri della Seta, was born from vines resistant to fungal diseases, which is obtained by crossing the classic European vine with varieties of American origin.

I Cavalieri della Seta is a wine that releases all its aromatic notes when uncorked.

Sensory notes

The perceived flower bouquet recalls the sweetness of the aphrodisiac flavors of passion fruit and pineapple leaves and the freshness of wild herbs of mint and rosemary.

A combination of taste between hills and sea.

The reference to clotted scents makes it perfect in combination with appetizers, fish-based risottos, crustaceans and fresh cheeses and even sushi.

Elegant and delicate like a Knight, it accompanies dishes and lends itself to even unusual combinations, stimulating mind and palate.


Its ripening is early and takes place in August. Thanks to the soil where its roots rest and the combined meticulous production method, I Cavalieri della Seta develops and maintains its intense aromas.

Always attentive to sustainable choices, Brolo has preferred a cap deriving from sugar cane fibers, 100% natural, recyclable and biodegradable, which in addition to being in line with the philosophy of the low environmental impact farm, does not leave odors and preserves the wine in all its aromatic pleasantness.

Curiosity about the name:

Who are the knights? Most of us associate the term “Knight” with the image of a man on horseback or one of those medieval figures awarded that honor. In reality, the term Cavaliere is the ironic translation from the dialect “caaler”, the word with which silkworms were once defined.

Piwi “The Silk Knights” wants to be a label conceived as the leitmotif of a single journey. Research and traditions rooted in the past, such as jasmine growing are just some of the activities that characterize the philosophy of the Il Brolo farm.

Each product of the Farm, from wine to silkworms, are interpreters of the Brolo ideal “living well-being with a double value: Ethical and Qualitative.

Our “The Silk Knights” is therefore a further step to build your journey to discover the Brolo



A wonderful mix of flavors

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