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Silk bubbles – Raboso IGT Veneto

Notes from the oenologist

The manual harvest selects the bunches and preserves the integrity of the grapes. The selected grapes are placed in small boxes to maintain a higher quality. Follows a light pressing to extract the flower must that is vinified in steel.

The sediments present on the bottom of the bottle are absolutely natural and synonymous with the genuineness of our traditional winemaking method. They guarantee a greater pleasantness and intensity of the wine (see service recommendations below).

A wine with a light pink color that amazes for the freshness and the pleasant sip.

100% Raboso veronese

Medium dough, deep, from the disintegration of volcanic rock

Alcohol 11,5%

Serving temperature of 7/8°

Sensory notes

Pinkish color, with fine and persistent perlage.

The notes of strawberries, berries and grapefruits are distinguished, the taste is perceived pleasant notes of currant and gooseberry.

Fresh, of red fruits, dry with an elegant perceived acidity.


A wine that accompanies aperitifs of all kinds, also suitable for tasty dishes.