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Bollicine di Seta Doc


Bollicine di Seta

Since 2019 we have been producing Bollicine di Seta, the Prosecco DOC 100% glera single-variety, obtained with the Satèn method, produced exclusively by hand harvesting in our glera vineyards. An organic wine born from tradition and natural refermentation in the bottle for at least 12 months. The result is a dry, sparkling wine with sediments.

Vintage: 2019

Area of Origin: Euganean Hills

Type of soil: Medium-textured, deep, resulting from the disintegration of the volcanic rock

Plant density: 3500 plants / ha

Harvest: manual in boxes

Classification: DOC

Grapes: Glera 100%

Type: Sparkling

Alcool: 10,5 % vol.

Added sugars: absent

Total acidity: 4.5 g / l

Total SO2 content: 38 mg / l

Organoleptic characteristics

Appearance: bright straw yellow color.

Appearance: bright straw yellow color.

Bubbles: fine, silky and persistent perlage.

Bouquet: beginning with ample fresh and fruity notes combined with the characteristic "bread crust", moving on to increasingly complex notes deriving from contact with the yeast.

Taste: dry, clean and pleasantly bitter.


The refermented prosecco lends itself to three alternative variable serving styles depending on the taste:

A. Pour gently into the jug avoiding shaking to eliminate the slight final haze.

B. Gently pour directly into the glass while maintaining a minimum residue of yeast.

C. Shake the bottle before uncorking and serving the wine with all the yeasts in suspension.


Serving temperature: 8 - 10 ° C

Recommended glass type: medium-sized white wine glass. Better to avoid the flute which, while allowing an excellent view of the perlage, does not allow the perfumes to develop and grasp the best.

Storage: standing bottles in a cool, dark place

Per l'acquisto di quantitativi maggiori a 18 bottiglie o per comporre un proprio ordine con diverse tipologie di vino ti preghiamo di contattarci per una gestione diretta del tuo acquisto. Tel: +39 342 7652 826 Mail:
Prezzo unitario € 9,50, prezzo scontato su acquisto di 6 (€ 8,50 cad.) 12 bottiglie (€ 7,50 cad). 18 bottiglie (€ 7,00 cad).
Prezzo unitario € 9,50, prezzo scontato su acquisto di 6 (€ 8,16 cad.) 12 bottiglie (€ 8,25 cad). 18 bottiglie (€ 8,11 cad).
Per l'acquisto di altre tipologie di vino ti preghiamo di effettuare un nuovo ordine sulla scheda del vino desiderato. Per qualsiasi dubbio o supporto non esitare a contattarci. Tel: +39 342 7652 826 Mail:
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