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I Cavalieri della Seta


I Cavalieri della seta Sauvignon Krètos IGT



Our Piwi, I Cavalieri della Seta, was born from vines resistant to fungal diseases, obtained by crossing the classic European vine with varieties of American origin.

I Cavalieri della Seta is a wine that releases all its aromatic notes when uncorked. The perceived flower bouquet recalls the sweetness of the aphrodisiac flavors of passion fruit and pineapple leaves and the freshness of wild herbs of mint and rosemary.

Always attentive to sustainable choices, Brolo has preferred a cap deriving from sugar cane fibers, 100% natural, recyclable and biodegradable, which in addition to being in line with the philosophy of the low environmental impact farm, does not leave odors and preserves the wine in all its aromatic pleasantness.

Elegant and delicate like a Knight, it accompanies dishes and lends itself to even unusual combinations, stimulating mind and palate.

A combination of taste between hills and sea. The reference to clotted scents makes it perfect in combination with appetizers, fish-based risottos, crustaceans and fresh cheeses.

Vintage: 2021

Denomination: IGT, organic wine

Area of Origin: Euganean Hills

Plant density: 3500 plants / ha

Added sugars: absent

Total acidity: 5.6 g / l

Alcool: 13,5 % vol.

Grapes: 100% Sauvignon Krètos PIWI, naturally resistant

Type: Still white

Type of soil: Medium-textured, deep, resulting from the disintegration of the volcanic rock

Harvest: manual in boxes


Organoleptic characteristics

Appearance: straw yellow with green reflections.

Bouquet: the wine has a complex and elegant aromatic heritage. In the glass we can capture the notes of passion fruit and pineapple, which combine perfectly with the hints of green pepper and mint.

Taste: on the palate it stands out in its balance between a pleasant acidity and a persistent sapidity. Good body and structure. The aftertaste is enhanced by all the notes perceived in the nose.


Serving etiquette of Sauvignon Krètos

A. Insert the worm of the corkscrew in the center of the cork and let it penetrate almost completely. Remove the cap slowly to avoid breakage

B. Gently pour directly into the glass


Serving temperature: 8 - 10 ° C

Recommended type of glass: white wine glass with small cup, allows you to have the nose in the best position to capture all the aromas.

Storage: bottles in a cool and dark place

Pairings: Appetizers, first courses and risottos based on fish, shellfish, with asparagus, fresh cheeses, but not least the dishes of Asian cuisine.

Per l'acquisto di quantitativi maggiori a 18 bottiglie o per comporre un proprio ordine con diverse tipologie di vino ti preghiamo di contattarci per una gestione diretta del tuo acquisto. Tel: +39 342 7652 826 Mail:
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