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Let’s talk about silk

Since 2017 we have been the lead company of the Serinnovation company, the first operating group of Italian sericulture, in collaboration with the research institutes CREA – Council for Research in Agriculture and Analysis of Agricultural Economics and the University of Padua. Our company deals with the planting and cultivation of mulberry trees with a new cultivation technique and subsequently with the breeding of the silkworm. The agronomist Davide and all our collaborators do a really painstaking job to take care of them. Every day they collect the mulberry leaves, of which we are the main growers, and shred them and then distribute them to the silkworms. In just under a month our worms go from a few millimeters to 10 centimeters, and finally they are ready to spin. Silkworms emit fibroin which is made up of mulberry leaves and digested proteins. This allows you to create a soft silver cocoon. The Silkworm produces up to 1200 silk threads within 72 hours! The Brolo is a place of well-being in which eco-sustainable models are experimented, where nature is welcomed and respected. The air is pure and fresh, only in this way can the worm grow and form the wonderful silk cocoon. Discover the wonderful work of art at MOMA in NEW YORK 2020 with the artist Neri Oxman in which we took part.

Since 2017, Il Brolo is the leader of Serrinovation, the Operational Group for the reintroduction of Sericulture

Until the 1950s, Italy was a world leader in the production of silk

Today the mulberry is the most precious and sensitive indicator of environmental health

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